Our Top 5 List from Weeks 1-2 Readings

Dr. Landreville’s Top 5 List

From Week 1’s readings on the Forward, Introduction, Ch. 1, and Ch. 2 in Mark Briggs’ Journalism Next book, I would like you to remember:

  1. The online resources:
  2. That this class exists to help you prepare for that first internship, for that first job out of college, and for that job in 20 years from now. How does this class accomplish that?
    • Encourages technological curiosity.
    • Encourages storytelling curiosity.
    • Instills experience and confidence in getting your feet wet and muddling through.
  3. More than 1/4 of all websites use the WordPress content management system (CMS)! This is a very important skill to put on your resume: “Experience with CMS (WordPress)”. Sell it to potential employers!
  4. Maintain a blog that you’re passionate about by choosing to report and discuss stories that spark your curiosity. The audience can sense your enthusiasm through your writing, tone, visuals, style, etc. If you want to keep readers interested, then you should stay interested in the content yourself!
  5. To be the most talented and engaging writer that you can be: follow, read, engage, write, and request feedback; follow, read, engage, write, and request feedback; follow, read, engage, write, and request feedback.

Your Top Tips

  1. Use photographs to visually engage audiences
  2. Participate with your community to get to know your audience.
  3. Build networks to help build your company and have support.
  4. Post often to keep your audience involved.
  5. Create your own brand with a welcoming appearance and personality for your blog
  6. In media, be ready to constantly adapt to change.
  7. Understand how the web works by embracing technology.
  8. Dedication and determination are very important for a career in media.
  9. Feed your journalism curiosity.
  10. A good blog is a continuing conversation.
  11. Crowdsourcing and building community — seeing what your readers say — are important activities.
  12. Have a good attitude on your blog.
  13. Clear the cache on your computer to make it run faster.
  14. Subscribe to news alerts. READ THE NEWS DAILY!
  15. Twitter is microblogging and there is a large presence of journalists on Twitter. It’s important to learn how to use Twitter.
  16. Learning to code opens many doors for media creators.
  17. Subscribe to the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should add value to the community. 20% of your posts can be self-promotional.


About The Author

I'm an associate professor and director of graduate studies in the Communication and Journalism Department at the University of Wyoming. In my ninth year at UW, I regularly teach multimedia production, web design, political communication, quantitative research methods, and media, science, and society.