Video Storytelling

Plan for Last Two Weeks Today: In-Class Short-Write, Review of Blog Post 9 – Video Storytelling, Introduction to Video Storytelling Wed. 12/4: Guest Lecture with Mary Jung, UW Video Producer Fri. 12/6: In-Class Meetings to Discuss Video Story Ideas Mon. 12/9 … Continue reading “Video Storytelling”

Staff Assistant Needed at U.S. Sen. Enzi Office

For any students who are graduating soon and are interested in Washington DC and politics… STAFF ASSISTANT – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi is accepting resumes for the position of staff assistant in his Washington, DC office. The staff assistant’s responsibilities include … Continue reading “Staff Assistant Needed at U.S. Sen. Enzi Office”

Canva and Instagram Story Promotion

Week 12 Plan Mon.: Quiz 3 Mon.: Review Blog Post 8 – Instagram Story Promotion Mon.: Review Canva (free online graphic design program) Create account Start with Create a Design –> Instagram Post, or start from a “Social Graphic” template –> … Continue reading “Canva and Instagram Story Promotion”

Visualizing Information

Plan for Week Today: Visualization with Mapping Review Blog Post 7 – Blog Post 7 – Google My Maps Brainstorming for Google My Maps Friday: Work on Google My Maps Monday: Quiz 3 on Social Media, Data Journalism, and Information Visualization … Continue reading “Visualizing Information”

Data Journalism

Plan for Week Today: Data Journalism Wednesday: Visualization with Mapping Wednesday: Review Blog Post 7 – Google My Maps Wednesday: Brainstorming for Google My Maps Friday: Work on Google My Maps Data-Driven Journalism Please answer the following short-write questions in … Continue reading “Data Journalism”

Wyoming SPJ

The Wyoming chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (Wyoming SPJ) invites you to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. I highly encourage you to engage with Wyoming SPJ on social media if you would like to … Continue reading “Wyoming SPJ”

ASUW Marketing Internship

The ASUW marketing intern will assist the Director of Marketing in creating videos, posters and social media posts for the 107th Administration. This year in particular, we are looking for an individual who has experience in videography and producing informational videos. The … Continue reading “ASUW Marketing Internship”

Building Digital Audiences

Week 10 Plan Review Blog Post 6 – Live Tweeting Project (due Fri. 12/13 – last day of semester to give you PLENTY of time to find a NEWSWORTHY event to live tweet) Ch. 9 on Building Digital Audiences Short-Write According to … Continue reading “Building Digital Audiences”

A Focus on Twitter for Reporting and Promoting

Reminders Blog Post 5 – Audio Profile (Raw and Edited) Due Tonight by 11:59 p.m. Submit blog URL to WyoCourses. For Monday: Read Ch. 9 in textbook on “Building a Digital Audience for News” In-Class Short-Write on Ch. 9 content … Continue reading “A Focus on Twitter for Reporting and Promoting”

Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising

Week 9 Plan View Audio Quiz Correct Answers on WyoCourses until 11:15 a.m. Today: In-Class Assignment Write down your responses on a paper with your name. This should be a short paragraph or two. What is the difference between crowdsourcing … Continue reading “Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising”

Extra Credit Survey – Due by Fri. Oct. 25 @ 5 p.m

If you’re interested in earning 5 extra credit points added to your photojournalism assignment grade, please consider taking this survey (estimated to be 25 minutes of time). (Links to an external site.) It’s due by Fri. Oct. 25 @ 5 … Continue reading “Extra Credit Survey – Due by Fri. Oct. 25 @ 5 p.m”

Gathering Audio

Week 8 Plan Reminder, Due Fri. Nov. 1 @ 11:59 p.m. Blog Post 5 – Audio Profile (Raw and Edited) Monday: Gathering Audio Wednesday: Laramie Boomerang Editor Joel Funk and Rawlins Times Editor Ray Erku will visit Wednesday: Gathering Audio, Converting Audio, … Continue reading “Gathering Audio”

Spring 2020 UW Institutional Communications Internship

UW Institutional Communications Spring Internship Job Description Deadline to Apply: Friday, Nov. 26 About: The Division of Public Relations is the umbrella administrative unit that includes Institutional Communications and Institutional Marketing. Our expert staff provide central marketing, media and community … Continue reading “Spring 2020 UW Institutional Communications Internship”

Audio Storytelling & Audio Profile Project

Week 7 Plan Reminder: Blog Post 4 – Journalistic Web Story due by Friday at 11:59 p.m. Reminder: Read your photojournalism assignment feedback. I commented on every student’s photo and provided feedback on how to improve (if needed). Make changes as needed … Continue reading “Audio Storytelling & Audio Profile Project”