HSI, Class 10: Snowy Range Photography & Reflection

Happy Birthday, Eden and Ano!

Photo Editing

A popular open-sourced photo-editing and graphic design application is GIMP.  Another one is Pixlr, which has a helpful web application for photo editing. I will experiment with Pixlr for now. Here are some important basic terms with photo editing.

Cropping: Crop to ensure that only one clear subject exists. You can crop to ensure the photo fits a certain aspect ratio (e.g., 150 pixels height by 350 pixels width).

Resizing: Sometimes, you’ll need to resize your photo in order to make it fit a certain area.

Image Adjustments: My favorite is Contrast, but play around with them to get the look you want to achieve, without over-doing it and changing the essence of the photo.

Just because you can edit your photos, doesn’t mean that you should. If you’re engaging in photoJOURNALISM, then you want to capture the photo in a way that does not require editing. However, if you do edit, be sure you follow good common sense and do not go past the ethical boundaries of photojournalism.

Snowy Range Photography

Post your top 5-10 Snowy Range Mountains photos and write a blog post about your experiences on yesterday’s field trip. What was challenging? exciting? interesting?

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