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Job and Internship Fairs

Job Fair Details

Business, Government, Non-Profit, Agriculture: Tuesday, Feb. 17

(STEM) Science Technology Engineering & Math: Wednesday, Feb. 18

100 employers will be on campus over two days seeking qualified students 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Union Ballroom.  Come prepared.

Featured Employers:

  •  Denver Police Department
  • State of Wyoming
  • Peace Corps
  • Target
  • Union Pacific
  • S. Department of State
  • S. Senator John Barrasso
  • S. Senator Mike Enzi
  • USDA Ag Statistics Service
  • WestCare
  • Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch

See attached file for current list and visit UW2Career for job listings.

Drop-in resume critiques

Thursday, Friday, & Monday at the Wyoming Union Vedauwoo Room (old First Interstate Bank area) 11-2 each day.

Call (307) 766 2398 for more information.

Intern at Wyoming Public Media

The News Department at WPR is looking for interns:

It’s great experience for anyone interested in audio, radio, reporting, and editing. Also, internships are one of the most valuable college experiences you can get. Many employers require internship experience.

You can earn COJO upper division credit for the internship as well, which will help you work toward graduation and upper division credit.

I highly recommend this internship.

Brand Yourself With A Portfolio Website

Why You’ll Thank Yourself for Knowing HTML & CSS

(1) You can now showcase your own material and skills: If you’re headed for a media or communication career that involves new media and social media, it’s a great idea to have your own website. You can post and host all of your journalism and communication material–print stories, audio stories, photography, video stories, slideshows, interactive graphics, artwork, etc. This effort will help you “brand” yourself. There is a lot of competition out there.

(2) You can now work with a content management system: Most large companies have a CMS (content management system) that is like a standard “shell” where you insert the content. You have little control over the layout and design, rather, you merely insert the content into the shell. With advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will understand the CMS and you may even be able to make or suggest improvements.

(3) You can now design websites for others: Once word gets out that you can design websites, don’t be surprised if your friends, family, acquaintances, organizations, companies, etc., start asking you to design their website. You can make some money out of this skill!

Inspiration: Examples of Journalist Portfolio Websites

Before we begin our adventure, let’s examine a few young media professionals’ portfolio websites. Think about what these fresh professionals are communicating through their website. In particular, concentrate on the:

  • Domain Name
  • Typography (text)
  • Color
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Links
  • Work Examples

Portfolio Examples:

Now let’s look at some suggestions on how to evaluate portfolio websites from another instructor of new media. There’s also plenty of examples of portfolio websites available to critique and inspire.

COJO Tutors Needed

Sara Ray, the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services, is in need of a couple of tutors, specifically for COJO 2100 and 1000, for their student-athletes. She would hire them within the Athletic Department’s Tutor Program and they would be trained and paid for their time.

If interested, please contact Sara at:

Sara Ray
Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services
University of Wyoming
(307) 766-3597 fax
(307) 766-2075 office
(970) 219-5276 cell

Network at the Wyoming Press Association’s Student Meet-and-Greet

I strongly encourage you to go to the Wyoming Press Association‘s student meet-and-greet this Friday at 5 p.m. at the Hilton on Grand Avenue. It’s in the convention area’s meeting rooms.

Wyoming newspaper publishers, journalists, editors, and advertising executives will be there to specifically talk and meet students who are interested in the field.

This is a great opportunity to discuss internship possibilities and job prospects at Wyoming newspapers!

Please bring several copies of your resume.

Work for the Branding Iron

Real-world media experience is essential for anyone interested in a career in journalism, public relations, advertising, or marketing. The Branding Iron is a great venue to begin your experience. I highly encourage any students interested in media careers to learn more about what the BI can offer you.

Please consider Seneca Riggins’ message below:

As the chief editor of the Branding Iron student newspaper at UW, I would like to extend an invitation to all those in the CoJo department to consider writing or contributing to the newspaper. There are many students in the CoJo department who may be looking toward a career in print journalism. However, I have noticed that few journalism majors have been interested in the student newspaper. I am not sure why that is.

Portfolio pieces and writing clips are extremely important to ensure a job in modern economic times. The BI newspaper is only as strong as the contributors involved, so we are constantly encouraging students to get involved. The BI is a great venue for emerging journalists to share their work.

At the BI, have a very fortunate ability to reach many people. We publish 7,000 copies Tuesday­–Friday. Our website attracts approximately 1000–1500 visitors a day.

If there are students who want to contribute with other means or ideas, by all means suggest them, as our doors are always open.

Please feel free to email me directly if interested.

Seneca Riggins, or stop by Student Media, we are on the third floor of the Student Union.

Thank you,
Seneca Riggins

Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta is looking for new members. They are an official honors society student group on campus that is communication-focused. Learn more about the national level and Univ. of Wyoming student group.

A message from them is below:

Lambda Pi Eta, Omicron Pi Chapter, is the National Communication Association undergraduate honor society for University of Wyoming Communication and Journalism majors. Currently, we are searching for exceptional undergraduate students who are interested in becoming members of the chapter. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to network with others in your field, but it is an outstanding addition to any job or graduate school application.

Apply for the organization!

Creating and/or Updating Your Resume

In today’s media environment, you need to have the multimedia skills AND know how to showcase your multimedia skills. Creating a clean and lean resume and writing a memorable and professional cover letter are the first steps toward achieving your goals.

Below are some tips for creating a stellar resume and cover letter.

Remember to email me your resume and/or cover letter if you want any advice.

Resume Tips

  • Do not label your address as “permanent address” unless you have a temporary address also listed.
  • References are optional. Use “References available upon request” if you choose not to include them.
  • 1 page is the goal, shrink text size to 10-point font if necessary
  • Highlight relevant college coursework in your cover letter as opposed to your resume
  • Keep your formatting consistent (e.g., bullet points, tabs, spacing, capitalization, punctuation)
  • Use present tense for current jobs and past tense for past jobs
  • Triple check your spelling and grammar!

Cover Letter Tips

  • Avoid addressing the cover letter: “To whom it may concern”. Find the person who’ll receive the letter. If unsure, call the front desk of the office and ask the secretary.
  • Limit to one page
  • Do not begin paragraphs with your faults or lack of experience. Emphasize all of your positives first. It will be clear to the recipient that you lack experience when they review your resume.
  • If your internship/job position uses AP Style, then use it in your resume and cover letter.
  • Triple check your spelling and grammar!
  • Maintain verb agreement.
    • Bad Example: “During the event I stayed at one of the bars overseeing the silent auction and making sure the event ran smoothly.”
  • Keep sentences shorter rather than longer. When in doubt, use 2 sentences. Or, at least use a comma between compound sentences.
    • Bad Example: “Working for ESPN is a once in a lifetime chance for an aspiring professional in this industry and I know I can contribute greatly to the most prominent sports provider in the business.”
  • Use the active voice to keep sentences strong.
    • Bad Example: “I would like to thank you for your time and consideration.”
  • Avoid contractions. It sounds colloquial.
  • Do not be afraid to use commas. Commas in sentences are similar to brief pauses or emphasis during speech. When in doubt, a comma is helpful.
  • Use more interesting and descriptive syntax. Highlight a word and press Shift F7 in Word for the thesaurus.
    • Example: “These events got me interested…” VS. “These events sparked my passion
  • Switch up the syntax. Do not repeat too much.
    • Bad Example: “As a student of both music and communication, I am interested in combining both disciplines at the Toledo School for the Arts. As a student of both music and communication I can understand the objectives of your promotions and can effectively relay them to your targeted audience.”
  • Read sentences aloud to yourself to avoid awkwardness.
    • Bad Example: “The amount of drive that I will have if working for this company is major factor to consider when reviewing my resume.”
  • You are eager (NOT anxious) to hear from the company. Eager = positive emotion. Anxious = negative emotion.
  • Be sure every sentence communicates something important.
    • Bad Example: “This internship would provide me with the opportunity to assist at your organization by being a valuable contributor.”

Undergrad Honor Society in Communication Seeking Members

The University of Wyoming chapter of the Communication and Journalism undergraduate honor society (Lambda Pi Eta) is currently seeking new members.

If you have completed 60 hours with an overall 3.00 GPA and a COJO GPA of 3.25, you are invited to join.

See the Membership Application and visit Lambda Pi Eta for more information.

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