Week 4: Domain Names, Hosting, Linking, and Images

Reminder: Assignment #2 (Draft Design & Layout) Due Tonight to WyoCourses. Reminder: 25-Point Quiz on Thursday during class time. Understand the differences among inline vs. block vs. void elements. Identify examples of each type. Understand what the basic elements (or … Continue reading “Week 4: Domain Names, Hosting, Linking, and Images”

Week 2: Building Blocks for the Web

Krug Chapter 2: How We Really Use the Web What is the sad reality about how we use websites? (hint: billboard vs. great literature) Why do we scan? –> On a mission. Don’t need to read everything. It’s a basic … Continue reading “Week 2: Building Blocks for the Web”

Week 1: First Law of Usability and How to Learn HTML

Krug Introduction A usability consultant identifies problems with websites. You will benefit from knowing about usability as a website designer and future employee of a company/non-profit that has a website. Krug outlines seven key words that define usability: Useful: Does it … Continue reading “Week 1: First Law of Usability and How to Learn HTML”

Drop-Down Navigation & Appendix Top 7

Drop-down Menu Drop-down menus can make navigating your website easier. I added a drop-down menu to my personal website. In order to give you a cleaner version of the drop-down menu, we will examine the clean example on my website … Continue reading “Drop-Down Navigation & Appendix Top 7”

Getting Started on Portfolio Websites

Why You’ll Thank Yourself for Knowing HTML & CSS (1) You can now showcase your own material and skills: If you’re headed for a media or communication career that involves new media and social media, it’s a great idea to … Continue reading “Getting Started on Portfolio Websites”