Adding a Resume and Achieving that “Wow Factor”

Adding a Resume For the final website, you need the resume in both PDF and HTML versions. This means the resume should be downloadable by PDF and should be coded in HTML (or appear as an image). See classmate Olga’s … Continue reading “Adding a Resume and Achieving that “Wow Factor””

Drop-Down Navigation & Appendix Top 7

Drop-down Menu Drop-down menus can make navigating your website easier. I added a drop-down menu to my personal website. In order to give you a cleaner version of the drop-down menu, we will examine the clean example on my website … Continue reading “Drop-Down Navigation & Appendix Top 7”

COJO 4230, Week 11: Creating a Photo Gallery

Because most of you expressed interest in creating a photo gallery for your websites, this is the next topic we’ll cover. I have created three examples of a photo gallery that use HTML5 and CSS3. There is no knowledge of … Continue reading “COJO 4230, Week 11: Creating a Photo Gallery”

COJO 4230, Week 2: The Building Blocks of the Web

It’s helpful (and very awe-inspiring) to know the history of the Internet before we start building our own webpages. Now you’re familiar with the Internet’s skeleton, let’s start learning about its guts! Chapter 1: Universal Language of the Web Servers, … Continue reading “COJO 4230, Week 2: The Building Blocks of the Web”

Getting Started on Portfolio Websites

Why You’ll Thank Yourself for Knowing HTML & CSS (1) You can now showcase your own material and skills: If you’re headed for a media or communication career that involves new media and social media, it’s a great idea to … Continue reading “Getting Started on Portfolio Websites”