Remembering the Groundwork of Journalistic Writing

Web Writing Assignment First, let’s review the Blog Post 2 – Journalistic Web Story Today will we remember the groundwork — the basics — of journalism. All of you have some experience with these basics from COJO 2100 (Media Writing). It … Continue reading “Remembering the Groundwork of Journalistic Writing”

WordPress Setup and Workshop

Industry Blogs First, it’s important to know that there are different types of blogs. Let’s visit these examples to see how people in our field are using blogs. Most major news organizations have journalist-authored blogs. For example, The New York … Continue reading “WordPress Setup and Workshop”

Here We Go! Multimedia Production!

Welcome! About Me About You Take this note card. Fill it out with: 1. Your name. 2. What you like to be called. 3. Your major. 4. The type of media content that you’re most excited to learn about and … Continue reading “Here We Go! Multimedia Production!”

Week 4: Domain Names, Hosting, Linking, and Images

Reminder: Assignment #2 (Draft Design & Layout) Due Tonight to WyoCourses. Reminder: 25-Point Quiz on Thursday during class time. Understand the differences among inline vs. block vs. void elements. Identify examples of each type. Understand what the basic elements (or … Continue reading “Week 4: Domain Names, Hosting, Linking, and Images”