Building Digital Audiences

Week 10 Plan

  1. Review Blog Post 6 – Live Tweeting Project (due Fri. 12/13 – last day of semester to give you PLENTY of time to find a NEWSWORTHY event to live tweet)
  2. Ch. 9 on Building Digital Audiences Short-Write
    1. According to Ch. 9, when a journalist (or strategic communicator) publishes their story online, their work is not done.
    2. Discuss at least three specific tips that the textbook offers for advice on building digital audiences.
  3. Social Media Management Critique In-Class Assignment: See handout (also available on WyoCourses). Due by Wed. 11/6 @ 11 a.m. if you don’t finish in class today.
  4. For Wed. 11/6: Guest Speaker Jessica Brauer from Laramie Main Street. Take notes on paper for Quiz 3 (Mon. 11/18).
  5. For Fri. 11/8: Guest Speaker Anna Rader from Wyoming Public Media. Take notes on paper for Quiz 3 (Mon. 11/18).

About The Author

I'm an associate professor and director of graduate studies in the Communication and Journalism Department at the University of Wyoming. In my ninth year at UW, I regularly teach multimedia production, web design, political communication, quantitative research methods, and media, science, and society.