• Quiz 5 on Video Storytelling
  • Please take the Confidential Online Course Evaluation of this course (I don’t see them until after grades are due)
  • Review of Blog Post 8 – Self-Reflection
  • Basics of Conceptual and Technical Editing

Wed. May 2 and Fri. May 4:

  • In-Class Workdays.
  • I’ll be in our classroom ready to assist you. But there is no formal lecture.

Remember that the video is due on Wed. May 9 by 10 a.m.

Please realize that this assignment may take a lot of trial and error, just like your previous assignments. I cannot possibly lecture you on EVERYTHING about video and video editing in just 3 weeks. However, this trial and error process is where you learn and grow. I am here to help you and guide you. Please reach out to me in class or schedule an appointment with me if you have questions and concerns. Also, Google is your friend. You are encouraged to Google your questions about very specific issues you’re having. If you can’t figure it out. I’m more than happy to help! Thanks!