Week 6: Introduction to CSS

Ch. 7: Adding a Little Style

We’re learning another language! — Cascading Style Sheets

Understanding the basics — pp. 255-260

Identifying and manipulating selectors — pp. 261-271

Creating an external CSS and linking to it — pp. 273-280

Understanding inheritance — pp. 281-285

Adding classes to HTML and CSS — pp. 286-291

Predicting what rules get applied — pp. 292-293

Editing and checking code — pp. 296-299

Helpful CSS properties — p. 300

Ch. 8: Styling Fonts

Identifying font families — pp. 314-321

Skipping “web fonts”. Try to avoid using these — pp. 322-327

Adjusting font sizes with pixels, percentages, emphasis, and keywords — pp. 328-334

Changing a font’s weight and style — pp. 335-338

Finding value in color — pp. 339-355


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