WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy

Project Scope:

Successful candidate will work with Snowy Range Academy Operations Manager to update and modernize the school’s website (www.snowyrangeacademy.org) using WordPress.  New web design should include:

  • Responsive layout for computers, tablets, phones (which many new WordPress themes do for you)
  • image slider and promo video link on home page (which many WordPress themes provide for you)
  • general information about the school (history and mission, curriculum, school culture, governance)
  • enrollment info (how to enroll, applications, waiting lists)
  • weekly and monthly school newsletters (as blogs, perhaps?),
  • upcoming events
  • Snowy Range Academy in the news
  • teacher pages
  • donation page
  • forms
  • data analytics page– student achievement, demographics, enrollment, etc.
  • faculty, staff, board members page (meet our team)
  • job vacancies and how to apply

Once the website is launched, intern will manage the website to keep it current, and train Snowy
Range Academy staff for their eventual management of the website.

Estimated time allotted for internship:  9-10 hours/week

Please contact Margarita Rovani, Operations Manager at 745-9930 for more information.

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