HSI, Class 6: Cheyenne Reflection & Photos

Class Reflection on WTE Field Trip

Students from last year named one thing that they learned at WTE. Can you add anything to the list?

  1. There are multiple colors of ink for the newspaper that have to be layered properly. The ink consistency is more like pudding than water.
  2. The paper rolls that the newspaper is printed on are each 15 miles long and weighed half a ton.
  3. The size of the printing press was impressive: it took 2 ships and 20 semi trucks to deliver the printing press from Germany.
  4. There are special technicians that are experts on the printing press in case it needs maintenance.
  5. There are only 3 of the WTE-type printing presses in the US. There are about 11 of them in the world.
  6. The managing editor assigns individual reporters to specific “beats” (e.g., education, sports, features).
  7. The WTE printing press also prints other regional papers, such as the Laramie Boomerang and The Greeley Tribune (in Greeley Colorado).
  8. The printing press and the editors/reporters are seemingly working 24 hours a day to keep the news cycle going.
  9. The WTE keeps an archival library of every daily WTE newspaper that has been printed.
  10. The WTE prints their own newspaper as well as flyers, advertisements, and other paid media materials (i.e., commercial printing). About 15% of revenues comes from paid newspaper subscriptions, with the remainder of revenues originating from commercial printing and paid advertising. Some of that commercial printing occurs on $1 million printers and copiers.
  11. The printing press speed was impressive.

Let’s download and post our 5-10 favorite Cheyenne and Wyoming Tribune Eagle photos. Then, we will each showcase our photos to the class and discuss our favorite.

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