Research Participants Needed


An Analysis of Nonverbal Communication in Romantic iMessage Conversations



Principal Researcher:          

Brianne Brasher

University of Wyoming

Department of Communication and Journalism

1000 E. University Avenue

Laramie, WY 82072


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leah LeFebvre

Assistant Professor

University of Wyoming

Department of Communication and Journalism

1000 E. University Avenue

Laramie, WY 82071


“We are interested in stories of romantic communication via iMessage (e.g., Apple mobile phone or computers) from participants in the developing stages of a (i.e., any couple who both identify as dating less than six months).


You are eligible to participate if:

  • Participants must be 18-29 years of age or older.
  • Participants of any sexual orientation are welcome to participate.
  • Participants who are currently in a developing romantic relationship (i.e., less than SIX months).
  • Participants must communicate via iMessage (e.g., Apple mobile phone or computers)


This study aims to collect data from approximately 20-30 participants (10-15 couples).

You will be asked to bring your romantic partner with you to the University of Wyoming Department of Communication & Journalism Ross Hall Library (Room 461) on campus where you and/or your relational partner will engage in individual and joint interviews. You will be asked to report and interpret your iMessage conversations with your partner.


The process will take approximately – (Total Time = Approximately One Hour).

20-40 minutes for individual participants and 30 minutes as a couple


You and/or your partner’s participation is completely voluntary, but you will have the opportunity to earn extra credit for a Communication & Journalism course or receive a $10 gift certificate for your participation.

We appreciate your help. This research investigation collection will begin in March 2016.


Please contact Brianne Brasher

and Leah LeFebvre at if you would like to

schedule an appointment or have any questions regarding the study.


Please choose three times you and/or your romantic partner is available.

We will email you back to confirm that date, time, and provide location and study specifics.


Thank you!

Brianne Brasher

Graduate Teaching Assistant



About The Author

I'm a faculty member in Communication & Journalism at the University of Wyoming. At UW, I have taught online journalism, advanced new media, introduction to mass media, politics and media, and alternative media. At Ohio State, where I got my PhD, I taught research methods, news reporting and writing, visual communication, and persuasion. My reserach focuses on political communication, emerging media platforms, and entertainment media. In my spare time, I love to play with my daughters, hang out with my family, cook, hike, jog, read, and blog.