More Video Storytelling Examples

First, 10 minutes to evaluate the class and my teaching.

Now, a few reminders:

1. For the Twitter assignment, follow me on Twitter. I can’t grade your work otherwise.

2. Review the Twitter assignment guidelines BEFORE you tweet. You need at least 10 tweets, two interviews, and hashtags on tweets. You also need to be professional and use newswriting style. And the tweets should show a narrative arc (beginning, middle, and end to the event or story).

3. The tweets are due by next Thurs. 12/11 @ 11:59 p.m.

4. The video project can be promotional or journalistic. It’s between 2 and 4 minutes. You can use whatever editing program you like. There should be two on-camera interviews. There should be a narrative arc as well. Don’t forget the ambient noise.

5. The video project is due by Thurs. 12/18 @ 12:15 p.m.

6. WRITE BLOG POSTS and answer the assignment questions for BOTH the Twitter and video assignments. Please don’t forget this. The highest grade you can get is a C if you forget this (see grading rubrics).

7. There is still time to take the extra credit online survey. The deadline is Thurs. 12/11. Visit:

8. Please connect with me on LinkedIn. I enjoy keeping tabs on what my former students are doing in the working world. I may even invite you to be a guest speaker in one of my classes.


Below are some additional video storytelling examples. Let’s take a look and discuss as a class.

What was done well? What could be improved?


What are you doing for your video storytelling project?

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