Paid Journalism Internships

Many internships are unpaid. However, I want to direct your attention to some prestigious and paid internships offered by Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal. The internships are in reporting, video, graphics, social media, and photography.

Additionally, there are Dow Jones News Fund paid internships as well. They are in business reporting, news, digital, and sports editing.

The deadlines are Nov. 1 and Nov. 3, respectively.

For the Dow Jones News Fund internships, there is an editing exam that potential news, digital, and sports editing interns must take. The business reporting exam is different from the editing exam.

Let’s take a past exam in order to understand the issues that interns and real-world reporters and editors face every day. It’s tough. So you’re free to use the Internet while taking the exam. I still think it will be a worthwhile experience for you!

You can view other past exams from


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