Here We Go! Multimedia Production!


About Me

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About You

Take this note card. Fill it out with:

1. Your name.

2. What you like to be called.

3. Your major.

4. The type of media content that you’re most excited to learn about and why. Options:

  • audio
  • video
  • photography
  • graphics and visualization
  • social media
  • writing for the web
  • learning about the WordPress content management system

5. The thing that you’re most anxious or not excited about with this class.

Why This WordPress Blog?

We’ll use this class blog to post course materials and students’ work. Course materials include assignment guidelines, rubrics, and the syllabus. See our page, COJO 3530: Spring 2019 on the top bar.

We will also use WyoCourses for grades and quizzes, in addition to the assignment instructions and rubrics.

Plus, I require YOU to keep a blog, so I should keep one as well for our class.

What Will We Do?

Let’s find out! Here’s a little taste of the early storytelling process.

Active Learning Activity:

  1. Count off to 10 around the room.
  2. Get into your numbered group.
  3. Introduce yourself with the stuff you wrote on your note card.
  4. Here’s the scenario: You’re assigned to cover UW’s upcoming Days of Dialogue. Download the schedule of events and review the details here: Days of Dialogue.
  5. Brainstorm with your group for 5 minutes about what you will report on. Be prepared to give a 1-minute pitch about one story idea to your editor. Here are the media platform assignments.
    1. Audio story: Groups 1 and 6
    2. Video story: Groups 2 and 7
    3. Photo slideshow: Groups 3 and 8
    4. Visualization story (including interactive graphics, charts, maps, etc.): Groups 4 and 9
    5. Live social media reporting (e.g., Facebook Live, Twitter, etc.): Groups 5 and 10
  6. After 5 minutes, I will call on a few groups to share their ideas. I also want to know about your thoughts about this brainstorming process.

What Should You Know and When Will We Learn It?

In this class, you’ll begin to learn the basic skills that are needed to succeed in multimedia communication. I say “communication” in addition to “journalism” because I strongly believe that even if you aren’t a journalism major, you will learn from this class. If your career interests lie in public relations, marketing, advertising, or public affairs, you will learn key skills in multimedia that will help you get a job.

Now, let’s take time to review the syllabus and ask me any questions.

Multimedia Production on Your Blog

In order to promote your media career, I require students to maintain a professional blog throughout the semester. You can show potential employers your multimedia work through this platform. Please visit former COJO 3530 student blogs (see left-hand column) for ideas about your own blog. You’ll also see what kind of storytelling that you’ll be engaging in during the semester.

This class is a big step in the right direction for your journalism or media career. I hope you’re excited!

So let’s set up your WordPress blog now. You need to submit your Blog Post 1 and About Page Setup by next Mon. Feb. 4.

***A Word of Advice: Proofread your writing. Like, seriously proofread. Writing that has spelling, grammar, typographical (e.g., typing a word twice or writing “if” instead of “it”), or capitalization errors (e.g., writing “i like news”) is not “A” work (see the grading rubric–a “B” is the highest grade you can get if any of these errors is made). Your multimedia story may be fantastic, but if your blog post writing has any of these errors, you lose credibility with your audience. Thus, I read your writing VERY carefully, and I’m always looking for these errors. Don’t make them, please. ***

About The Author

I'm an associate professor and director of graduate studies in the Communication and Journalism Department at the University of Wyoming. In my ninth year at UW, I regularly teach multimedia production, web design, political communication, quantitative research methods, and media, science, and society.