HSI, Day 8: MTV & Media Literacy, Finish Audio, & Embed Audio

Class Discussion & Blog Post

How many of you watch MTV?

Today we’re going to take a critical look at MTV and understand how they make money and how MTV may influence you.

Now, let’s write a blog post and discuss these issues.

  1. Does anything strike you as inappropriate, disingenuous, or wrong about MTV’s marketing strategies?
  2. What is a Mook and a Midriff? Are Mooks and Midriffs reflective of society, or a creation by MTV?
  3. How has MTV content changed in the 12 years since this film was made? Why?
  4. What direction do you think MTV should move in?

Finish Audio Editing and Embed Audio

The rest of the time, we will finish the audio editing and embed the audio to our blogs.

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