First Day for COJO 4230: Advanced New Media

Students of journalism and strategic communication (e.g., PR, advertising) need to diversify their skills. This class expands upon those skills by giving you a platform through which to share your work. You’ll go beyond maintaining a blog and you’ll create and design your own portfolio website to house your professional work. You’ll also add a few interactive projects using HTML5 and JavaScript to your website. In sum, get psyched, get inspired! This is fun stuff! The class is focused on two units:

  1. Portfolio Website: Student Example 1 | Student Example 2 | Student Example 3 | Student Example 4 | Student Example 5
  2. Interactive and Dynamic Content with HTML5 and JavaScript (Formerly Flash Instruction): Examples of Flash | The New York Times Examples of Interactive Programming | Student Example of Flash

Course Blog

This blog serves as the course website and I only use e-Companion for grade management. I’ll post all of our course materials and assignments here, under the COJO 4230 tab in the left-side navigation column. So, check back frequently.


Finally, if you haven’t signed up for Twitter, you may want to sign up now. You can follow me. I’ll be tweeting helpful resources throughout the semester under the hashtag #cojo4230. Also, familiarize yourself with Twitter if you’re not already. You can begin to build a network through Twitter.

First, sign-up for an account. Pick a professional account name, not something like k-train82. Then, read “Brand-Tweeting-New: Tips for Twitter Newbies” by Kelli Matthews. Find people to follow through looking at these lists.

About The Author

I'm a faculty member in Communication & Journalism at the University of Wyoming. At UW, I have taught online journalism, advanced new media, introduction to mass media, politics and media, and alternative media. At Ohio State, where I got my PhD, I taught research methods, news reporting and writing, visual communication, and persuasion. My reserach focuses on political communication, emerging media platforms, and entertainment media. In my spare time, I love to play with my daughters, hang out with my family, cook, hike, jog, read, and blog.

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