Culture Speak – Opportunity for a Final Flash Project

If anyone is interested in a final Flash project opportunity, there will be a Culture Speak event on Thursday April 5 (tomorrow) at 6 p.m. in the Classroom Building Room 314. There will be speakers from 6 different countries (Brazil, … Continue reading “Culture Speak – Opportunity for a Final Flash Project”

Brainstorming About The Final Flash Project

I know spring break is around the corner, but it’s not too early to start brainstorming about your final Flash project. The final Flash project requirements are similar to your Flash Exercise 3 requirements, with some exceptions: Original reporting and … Continue reading “Brainstorming About The Final Flash Project”

8 Simple Rules for Text in Flash and Websites

Here are some important rules-of-thumb for using text in Flash projects and on the web. Go simple for large blocks of text. Use simple, sans-serif (without the tiny end bars) fonts, such as Arial or Helvetica. Go fancy ONLY for … Continue reading “8 Simple Rules for Text in Flash and Websites”


Believe it or not, you interact with Flash every day. Here’s the many uses of Flash: Animation Multimedia websites Tutorials Presentations Customer service kiosks Television and film effects Games and other programs I’m confident that you will find some way … Continue reading “Introducing…Flash!”

COJO 4230: Advanced New Media

Students of journalism need to diversify their skills. You’ve already taken COJO 3530 Online Journalism, which built your skills in photography, audio reporting, photo/audio slideshows, and beginning web design and reporting. This class expands upon those skills by giving you … Continue reading “COJO 4230: Advanced New Media”

Using Flash for Effective Communication

Flash is an Adobe program that can be used to create animation and interactivity. Animation and interactivity, when used effectively, can enhance a story, engage the visitors, and encourage the visitors to learn more about the topic-at-hand. Animation and interactivity, … Continue reading “Using Flash for Effective Communication”