Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising

Quiz #3 on Information Graphics Reminder: Information Graphics (Blog Post #5) Due Tonight, April 2, by 11:59 p.m. How Social Media is Used by the Big Three Media Fields Social media is for you. The aspiring journalist, sports commentator, marketing executive, … Continue reading “Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising”

WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy

Project Scope: Successful candidate will work with Snowy Range Academy Operations Manager to update and modernize the school’s website ( using WordPress.  New web design should include: Responsive layout for computers, tablets, phones (which many new WordPress themes do for you) … Continue reading “WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy”

An Exercise in Juggling: Live-Tweeting Speeches

Now that you know more about how to use social media for storytelling, we are going to live-report a newsworthy event using Twitter. Think of this exercise as an exercise in juggling. You have to watch, listen, type (or write), … Continue reading “An Exercise in Juggling: Live-Tweeting Speeches”