Here We Go! Multimedia Production!

Welcome! About Me About You Take this note card. Fill it out with: 1. Your name. 2. What you like to be called. 3. Your major. 4. The type of media content that you’re most excited to learn about and … Continue reading “Here We Go! Multimedia Production!”

WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy

Project Scope: Successful candidate will work with Snowy Range Academy Operations Manager to update and modernize the school’s website ( using WordPress.  New web design should include: Responsive layout for computers, tablets, phones (which many new WordPress themes do for you) … Continue reading “WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy”

Student Work: Video Storytelling

Alison Clarke and Katelind Higgins Andrew O’Neill and Ben Banta Bianca Coca and Kaisha McCutchan Brooklynn Gray and Max Renton Charlie McClain and K.C. Schooner Edward Timmons and Miranda Anderson Esther Seville and Hannah Robinson Jordan Blazovich and Nick Robinson … Continue reading “Student Work: Video Storytelling”

More Video Storytelling Examples

First, 10 minutes to evaluate the class and my teaching. Now, a few reminders: 1. For the Twitter assignment, follow me on Twitter. I can’t grade your work otherwise. 2. Review the Twitter assignment guidelines BEFORE you tweet. You need … Continue reading “More Video Storytelling Examples”

Soundslides Projects – Fall 2014

Edward Timmons and Miranda Anderson Benjamin Banta and Andrew O’Neill Hannah Robinson and Esther Seville KC Schooner and Charlie McClain Jordan Blazovich and Nick Robinson Kaitlyn Camargo and Lauren Garrelts Max Renton and Brooklynn Gray Taylor Dilts and Louisa Wilkinson … Continue reading “Soundslides Projects – Fall 2014”

An Exercise in Juggling: Live-Tweeting Speeches

Now that you know more about how to use social media for storytelling, we are going to live-report a newsworthy event using Twitter. Think of this exercise as an exercise in juggling. You have to watch, listen, type (or write), … Continue reading “An Exercise in Juggling: Live-Tweeting Speeches”

Look, Listen, Tell, and Show: Soundslides Assignment

Soundslides: Audio + Photos When you gather audio and photos for a news story, you are making the story more marketable. And as our guest speakers have told us, telling stories in multiple ways makes the story more accessible to … Continue reading “Look, Listen, Tell, and Show: Soundslides Assignment”

Paid Journalism Internships

Many internships are unpaid. However, I want to direct your attention to some prestigious and paid internships offered by Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal. The internships are in reporting, video, graphics, social media, and photography. Additionally, there are … Continue reading “Paid Journalism Internships”

Basic Photo Editing Tips

Photo Editing Tips Now that you’ve seen some evidence of what NOT to do, let’s review the basic photo editing tools in Photoshop. While we will use Photoshop during class, if you do not have access off-campus to Photoshop, then … Continue reading “Basic Photo Editing Tips”

Job and Internship Fair

Fall Job & Internship Fairs: Business, Government, Non-Profit, Agriculture Monday, October 6 (STEM) Science Technology Engineering & Math Tuesday, October 7 100 employers will be on campus over two days seeking qualified students 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the … Continue reading “Job and Internship Fair”

Review of Newswriting, AP Style, Attribution and Commas

Common Errors The most common errors that students make with the journalistic web writing assignment deal with: (1) Newswriting, News Editing (e.g., AP Style), and Attribution, and (2) Commas. We will complete in-class assignments that are designed to test your … Continue reading “Review of Newswriting, AP Style, Attribution and Commas”

Thoughts on Your News Diets and About Pages

News Diet Suggestions Avoid complete news customization: Be careful not to go overboard on news customization (e.g., apps and aggregator websites that let you edit out stuff that you don’t want to see). Part of being a communication major is … Continue reading “Thoughts on Your News Diets and About Pages”

Story Idea for Blog Post 3: World War II Heart Mountain Internment Camp Prisoner

Phi Alpha Theta/History Club invites you to a talk by Sam Mihara, World War II Heart Mountain Internment Camp Prisoner. Mihara will speak on the story of his family, the rational for creating the camps, and important lessons learned from the … Continue reading “Story Idea for Blog Post 3: World War II Heart Mountain Internment Camp Prisoner”

Video Storytelling Project

Video Storytelling The ability to tell a good story with video is a difficult yet important skill for journalists and communicators to learn. Video is not just on TV anymore — you can find video stories online and on mobile … Continue reading “Video Storytelling Project”

Student Work: Soundslides Projects

Alex Breckenridge and Scottie Melton Dani Esquivel and William Bailey Rachel Vliem and Rachel Wagner Brittany Hamilton and Sami Jo Heitsch Brett Kahler, Alex Landt, and Nichole Grady Boyd Deuel and Miles Englehart Denise Caskey and Jeff Nelson Chris Banks … Continue reading “Student Work: Soundslides Projects”

UW Athletics Internships

UW Athletics will have the following internships available starting next semester: 1.       Wyoming Athletics Marketing Internship – One (1) position open 2.       Wyoming Athletics Social Media Internships – Four (4) positions open Interested students should contact Nick Popplewell for more … Continue reading “UW Athletics Internships”