Culture Speak – Opportunity for a Final Flash Project

If anyone is interested in a final Flash project opportunity, there will be a Culture Speak event on Thursday April 5 (tomorrow) at 6 p.m. in the Classroom Building Room 314. There will be speakers from 6 different countries (Brazil, … Continue reading “Culture Speak – Opportunity for a Final Flash Project”

UW Division of University Public Relations Needs Video Intern

The UW Division of University Public Relations is looking for an intern to produce video to supplement UW media releases. The ideal candidate is someone with photography, video or graphic design experience whose photographs/video try to capture the mood or … Continue reading “UW Division of University Public Relations Needs Video Intern”

Design and Style for Portfolio Websites

Design Principles Emphasis Defined: Highlights the importance of the site’s content. Also relates to hierarchy. When creating a draft of your site, list all of the information that needs to appear on the page. Then, number the information by order … Continue reading “Design and Style for Portfolio Websites”

Technical Basics for Portfolio Websites

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting You’ll be designing a website using HTML (hypertext markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheets) in Dreamweaver. Then, you’ll upload your files to a website host, who will store and provide the files for … Continue reading “Technical Basics for Portfolio Websites”

Brand Yourself With A Portfolio Website

Why You’ll Thank Yourself for Knowing HTML & CSS (1) You can now showcase your own material and skills: If you’re headed for a media or communication career that involves new media and social media, it’s a great idea to … Continue reading “Brand Yourself With A Portfolio Website”

Brainstorming About The Final Flash Project

I know spring break is around the corner, but it’s not too early to start brainstorming about your final Flash project. The final Flash project requirements are similar to your Flash Exercise 3 requirements, with some exceptions: Original reporting and … Continue reading “Brainstorming About The Final Flash Project”

Community Journalism Discussion on Thurs. 3/1

Dustin Bleizeffer, managing editor of, an online news site specializing in in-depth reporting on Wyoming, will be speaking to the Community Journalism class in Berry Center Room 138 today from 1:20-2:35 p.m. Other students are welcome to attend. Download … Continue reading “Community Journalism Discussion on Thurs. 3/1”

COJO Tutors Needed

Sara Ray, the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services, is in need of a couple of tutors, specifically for COJO 2100 and 1000, for their student-athletes. She would hire them within the Athletic Department’s Tutor Program and they would be … Continue reading “COJO Tutors Needed”

8 Simple Rules for Text in Flash and Websites

Here are some important rules-of-thumb for using text in Flash projects and on the web. Go simple for large blocks of text. Use simple, sans-serif (without the tiny end bars) fonts, such as Arial or Helvetica. Go fancy ONLY for … Continue reading “8 Simple Rules for Text in Flash and Websites”

Sample Assignment – Flash Exercise 1 – Simple Drawing & Animation

For your first assignment, you will need to use the drawing tools and motion/shape tweening that we’ve learned so far to create a simple animation. For full assignment details, please download the assignment instructions. Be sure to review the rubric … Continue reading “Sample Assignment – Flash Exercise 1 – Simple Drawing & Animation”

Assistant Professor Tenure-Track Position Available at UW-Casper

University of Wyoming Communication and Journalism The Department of Communication & Journalism invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor beginning August 2012. The successful candidate will teach undergraduate courses in Communication at the University of Wyoming/Casper College (UW/CC), our Outreach … Continue reading “Assistant Professor Tenure-Track Position Available at UW-Casper”

Consider Graduate School at UW

Have you ever wondered what professors do? Besides teach? Have you ever wondered what COJO graduate students do? Besides teach public speaking or interpersonal communication to undergrads at UW? Or, perhaps you don’t know what to do with your life … Continue reading “Consider Graduate School at UW”

Wyoming Press Association Workshops

I’m excited and honored to present two new-media related workshops to the Wyoming Press Association. I’ve created a PowerPoint presentation for each workshop. Please download the slides and follow along. Tech for Web Reporting Gathering and Promoting News (and Yourself) … Continue reading “Wyoming Press Association Workshops”


Believe it or not, you interact with Flash every day. Here’s the many uses of Flash: Animation Multimedia websites Tutorials Presentations Customer service kiosks Television and film effects Games and other programs I’m confident that you will find some way … Continue reading “Introducing…Flash!”

Network at the Wyoming Press Association’s Student Meet-and-Greet

I strongly encourage you to go to the Wyoming Press Association‘s student meet-and-greet this Friday at 5 p.m. at the Hilton on Grand Avenue. It’s in the convention area’s meeting rooms. Wyoming newspaper publishers, journalists, editors, and advertising executives will … Continue reading “Network at the Wyoming Press Association’s Student Meet-and-Greet”

Apply for COJO Scholarships!

The COJO department has nearly $20,000 in scholarships to award to communication or journalism majors with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Scholarships are available for many types of students, including non-traditional students, community college transfer students, summer school students … Continue reading “Apply for COJO Scholarships!”

Intern Needed for Sports Marketing with UW Football Team

The UW Football media relations team is looking for a sports marketing / public relations intern for this year (Spring and Fall 2012). Students who have prior experience with video production and editing are encouraged to apply. Students who are … Continue reading “Intern Needed for Sports Marketing with UW Football Team”

COJO 4230: Advanced New Media

Students of journalism need to diversify their skills. You’ve already taken COJO 3530 Online Journalism, which built your skills in photography, audio reporting, photo/audio slideshows, and beginning web design and reporting. This class expands upon those skills by giving you … Continue reading “COJO 4230: Advanced New Media”