WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy

Project Scope: Successful candidate will work with Snowy Range Academy Operations Manager to update and modernize the school’s website (www.snowyrangeacademy.org) using WordPress.  New web design should include: Responsive layout for computers, tablets, phones (which many new WordPress themes do for you) … Continue reading “WordPress Internship Opportunity at Snowy Range Academy”

Audio Tips; Gathering Audio and Photos Together

Audio Tips As you finish your first audio editing project and you begin your Soundslides project, please consider these tips from previous students of COJO 3530. During the audio interview, leave a brief pause after the interviewee finishes answering a … Continue reading “Audio Tips; Gathering Audio and Photos Together”

COJO 3530, Week 15: Editing Your Video Story

Getting Started Editing Adobe Premiere Elements has been installed our classroom, CR 207, as well as the IT building. But that’s it. Keep in mind that the IT building is open 24 hours. I am giving you the rest of … Continue reading “COJO 3530, Week 15: Editing Your Video Story”

COJO 3530, Final Weeks: Video Editing

There are some major problems with Adobe Premiere Elements, the video editing software that I will cover in class. These problems should be resolved by next Mon. Apr. 29, but until then, I cannot instruct you on video editing in … Continue reading “COJO 3530, Final Weeks: Video Editing”

COJO 3530, Weeks 13-15: Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling The ability to tell a good story with video is a difficult yet important skill for journalists and communicators to learn. Video is not just on TV anymore — you can find video stories online and on mobile … Continue reading “COJO 3530, Weeks 13-15: Video Storytelling”

COJO 3530: Soundslides Projects

Nikki Finnesand and Jamie Hageman Hannah Cox and Kelsey Tramp Alex Barrett and Clinton Boutelle John Denega Hailey Hawkes and Jessica Romero Josh Geiger and Chris Anselmo Chase Harmelink and Mady Gerard Ashlee Williams and Andee Novotny Nikkita Miller and … Continue reading “COJO 3530: Soundslides Projects”

COJO 3530, Week 11: Information Graphics

Creating an information graphic requires the coordination of many experts — reporters, editors, illustrators and design artists, statisticians, and even people who are computer scientists and understand databases. As a reporter, you should be thinking about if your story is … Continue reading “COJO 3530, Week 11: Information Graphics”

COJO 3530, Week 2: Planning for Multimedia

This week, we will cover how to critically think about and plan for your multimedia stories. This involves a basic understanding of how and why each media platform is successful. We will discuss that today. On Friday, we will segue … Continue reading “COJO 3530, Week 2: Planning for Multimedia”