Video Storytelling

One Button Studio: A guide to using One Button Studio for your video recording needs. Studio Coe: A guide to using Studio Coe for your video editing and other production needs. The ability to tell a good story with video … Continue reading “Video Storytelling”

Call for Pitches for Western Confluence Magazine

Submission Guidelines  Call for Pitches for Western Confluence Magazine The theme of our next issue is invasive species. Many exotic or nonnative species—plants, mammals, insects, crustaceans, and more—have been introduced to the Rocky Mountain West ecoregion either accidentally or intentionally only … Continue reading “Call for Pitches for Western Confluence Magazine”

Calls for UW Interns in Social Media, Graphic Design, and Marketing

See message below from Stephanie Lownds, Coordinator, Marketing & Campus Relations from Residence Life & Dining Services | Center for Student Involvement & Leadership —————- I am currently hiring marketing and graphic design interns for Fall 2019 for both Residence Life & … Continue reading “Calls for UW Interns in Social Media, Graphic Design, and Marketing”

Instagram Story Promotion Assignment & Friday Tour of Coe

Monday, April 22 Quiz 3 on Social Media and Information Graphics Review of Canva Different creation options Free templates vs. premium Adding/changing text, graphics, and shapes Downloading files In-Class Assignment: Create a promotional social media graphic for an Instagram post … Continue reading “Instagram Story Promotion Assignment & Friday Tour of Coe”

Information Visualization: Mapping

First, Why Visualize Information? We tend to start with information and then try to visualize the information. For example, you may be given a story to tell that deals with data, numbers, statistics, etc. Many storytellers would start by looking … Continue reading “Information Visualization: Mapping”

A Focus on Twitter for Reporting and Promoting

Blog Post #5 Due Tonight by 11:59 p.m. Embed 5-minute raw file Embed 2-minute edited file Answer required questions and write the post. Submit post URL to WyoCourses Blog Post #5 Twitter  Know the basics. @username, #topic, and RTs (retweets). … Continue reading “A Focus on Twitter for Reporting and Promoting”

Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising

Week 10 Plan Today Share ideas about how you could use crowd-powered collaborations in your future media job. Write down your response on a paper with your name. This should be a short paragraph or two. We will review online … Continue reading “Social Media Management for Journalism, PR, and Advertising”

Gathering Audio

Week 9 Plan Monday: Review Blog Post 5 – Audio Profile (Raw and Edited) Monday: Gathering Audio Wednesday: Audio Editing; Audacity Tutorial Fri. March 29: Guest Speakers Micah Schweizer and Erin Jones, NPR journalists and producers –> Take Notes During Their … Continue reading “Gathering Audio”

Audio Storytelling & Audio Profile Project

Week 7 Plan Reminder: Blog Post 4 – Journalistic Web Story due tonight by 11:59 p.m. In-Class Assignment: Audio Stories Review of Popular Audio Storytelling on StoryCorps, NPR, and Podcasts In-Class Assignment: Your Future in Podcasting Review of Blog Post 5 – … Continue reading “Audio Storytelling & Audio Profile Project”

Journalism for the Web

Week 5 Plan Reminder: Submit Blog Post 3 – Photojournalism by 11:59 p.m. today (Mon. Feb. 25) In-Class Activity Mon. Feb. 25: “Week 5: Your Initial Web Story Idea” — Let’s briefly talk about your ideas, if we haven’t talked already. In-Class Activity … Continue reading “Journalism for the Web”

Call for Applications: Larsh Bristol Photojournalism Fellowship

The Department of Communication & Journalism seeks proposals from students for a $5,000 stipend for a photojournalism project called the Larsh Bristol Photojournalism Fellowship. The stipend will be awarded through a competitive process that is open to all students at … Continue reading “Call for Applications: Larsh Bristol Photojournalism Fellowship”

Remembering the Groundwork of Journalistic Writing

Week 4 Plan Any questions before the quiz on Photojournalism Basics? Quiz 1 on Photography and Photojournalism. Review Blog Post 3 – Photojournalism — Any questions? Review Blog Post 4 – Journalistic Web Story — Look up your individual meeting date for draft story; … Continue reading “Remembering the Groundwork of Journalistic Writing”

Photojournalism Basics

Week 3 Plan Questions about Blog Post #2 on Creative Devices? — Due Mon. 2/11 by 11:59 p.m. Submit URL to WyoCourses. Discussion of Photojournalism Power and Categories Short-Write #3: Exploring Photojournalism Review of Blog Post #3: Photojournalism Tips for … Continue reading “Photojournalism Basics”

Basics of Photography

Week 2 Plan 15 minutes class time to ask any questions about Blog Post 1 5-minute short-write #1 reflection on Journalism Next Ch. 5 on Photography Review this photography blog post Active learning activity in groups Review Blog Post 2: Creative … Continue reading “Basics of Photography”

Dr. Landreville’s Top 5 List from Week 1 Readings

From Week 1’s readings on the Forward, Introduction, Ch. 1, and Ch. 2 in Mark Briggs’ Journalism Next book, I would like you to remember: The online resources: Hacks and Hackers in Colorado Poynter’s NewsU Nieman Lab Online News Association The National … Continue reading “Dr. Landreville’s Top 5 List from Week 1 Readings”

Blogging, Branding, and WordPress-ing

Syllabus Questions? Now that you’ve had the chance to fully read the syllabus and course schedule, do you have any questions? Week 1: Overview Quick review of blogs Importance of branding and marketing yourself with your blog Review first assignment … Continue reading “Blogging, Branding, and WordPress-ing”

Here We Go! Multimedia Production!

Welcome! About Me About You Take this note card. Fill it out with: 1. Your name. 2. What you like to be called. 3. Your major. 4. The type of media content that you’re most excited to learn about and … Continue reading “Here We Go! Multimedia Production!”

HSI, Class 2: Photography Basics

Multimedia Finish Blogging Workshop Document Your HSI Experience with Photography We will go on three field trips during this class: Vedauwoo, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, and the Snowy Range Mountains. At each field trip, I want you to take as … Continue reading “HSI, Class 2: Photography Basics”